Vasque Men’s Talus Trek Low Ultradry Hiking Shoe review and Guide

Trekking shoes are necessary for men who are in love with hiking. Therefore, if you are one of those who are in constant pursuit of conquering heights, then the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultradry Hiking Shoe is your partner. When climbing challenging terrains, your foot should have sufficient protection and support. Aside from that, you should also mind the comfort and stability that foot gear can give you. Besides, who wants to climb if they don't have the right footwear?

Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultradry Hiking Shoe

These factors alone have put the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe as our top choices of the best hiking shoes. And aside from those qualifications, this hiking shoe has a lot of features to flaunt.

How to Choose Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultradry Hiking Shoe

Waterproof and breathable

Hiking means that you have to face the inevitable changes in weather conditions. Therefore, while you are outdoors, you need to have footwear that can protect your feet from getting wet. In such cases, the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe is your foot's umbrella. This hiking shoe has an Ultra Dry membrane technology that makes its entire constitution waterproof and resistant.

Even though how heavy the downpour of the rain, you can assure that the water can't penetrate your feet. It also has a wicking mesh liner that keeps away the moisture inside, if in case you have wet feet. Furthermore, the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe is not only good at handling wet conditions. During dry seasons, this hiking shoe is very breathable. The leather of this shoe has a mesh made from abrasion-resistant poly amide that allows air passage for cooler sensation.

Built for performance

Whether you are out for a simple walk or an extreme climb, the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe is your partner. The entire construction of this footwear has a particular design to survive extreme and uneven trains. As a matter of fact, the whole shoe is covered with 1.8mm nubuck leather that is tough and resistant to abrasions, scratches, and cracks.

If you will look closely, this shoe is a low-cut ankle. Because of this feature, you can quickly traverse uneven and challenging platforms. This shoe is also nimble and lightweight, which are crucial features for a hiking boot. When you are expecting a longer trek, your hiking shoe should make your feet stable and protected from any injuries. Aside from that, the inside layers and mid-sole should provide comfort for your feet, regardless of the distance that you are going to travel. Hence, the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe is one of the best footwear for you.

Protection and comfort

Aside from its athletic performance, the Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe has also superb service when it comes to giving comfort and protection. The soles of this shoe use the Vibram Nuasi and XSTrek rubber compound technology to efficiently absorb shocks and improve traction on the trail. Aside from these feats, the sidewalls have a rubber wrapping to protect and stabilize the toes on rocky terrains. 

Furthermore, its EVA mid-sole provides excellent underfoot comfort. Hence, there is no trail and terrain that you can't surpass with the Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe.

Style and design

It doesn't mean that having many features will sacrifice the aesthetic appearance of a product. Apparently, the Talus Trek Low Ultra dry Hiking Shoe disproves that. You can never be shy to flaunt this shoe, as it showcases complementary color schemes. You can choose between the Black/ Dried Tobacco and Black Olive/ Aluminum color options of this shoe. Most of all, this footwear has no fabulous designs. This shoe's minimalist appearance, as seen to its simple lacing, will make you fall in love with it at first sight.


  • Both waterproof and breathable
  • Sturdy but comfortable construction
  • Speed lacing feature
  • Durable even on edgy and rocky terrains
  • Has enough protective features for your feet
  • Lightweight and nimble; can make you feel more athletic
  • Crevices and lug patterns for tighter grip
  • Stylish but simple
  • Available in different sizes


  • Can quickly discolour
  • Might be problematic for men with big toes
  • Can be a little sloppy on the heel


  • Q: Is there a female version of this shoe?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: What are the available sizes for this hiking shoe?
  • A: For Men's Medium, the sizes range from 7 inches to 14 inches. For those that have wider feet, the sizes available are 8 inches to 13 inches.
  • Q: Does this shoe offer excellent traction and grip during rainy seasons.
  • A: Even passing through wet surfaces, the traction is still maintained due to its crevices and sophisticated lug pattern

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Overall, the Vasque Men's Talus Trek Low Ultradry Hiking Shoe is a quality choice for adventure footwear. This is mainly because of it is athletic and durable features which are necessary for traversing hard and steep terrains. Furthermore, the comfort it can give to your feet, plus its breathable and waterproof features can guarantee you that your outdoor travel is pleasurable and free from troubles.

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