Merrell Moab Waterproof Women’s Hiking Shoes Review

Do your feet often hurt at the end of a hike? Are your hikes becoming less enjoyable because of problems with your run down footwear? Make hiking fun again with a new pair of women's hiking shoes. Proper traction and arch support can make all the difference. Wearing an old pair of boots that are falling apart can contribute to ankle, knee, and even back problems down the road. For anyone looking to improve their hiking skills as well as their sense of good being, take a look at some of the most highly rated hiking shoes that are available today.

Merrell Moab Waterproof Women’s Hiking Shoes

In this review, we will be looking at the Moab Waterproof women's hiking shoes by Merrell. I myself tend to do a large amount of light hiking and this pair of shoes was perfect for me. I used to go hiking in my running shoes but soon became aware that there was not enough support. Merell has been able to make a pair of shoes that are both light and supportive. Take a look at the details of these shoes, and see if they might be right for you, too.

How to chooseMerrell Moab Waterproof women's hiking shoes

Lightweight Comfort

As I mentioned before, these shoes are incredibly light compared to other hikers. The leather upper is accented with mesh cut-outs to make sure that the shoes are durable without becoming too heavy. For anyone who enjoys hiking through sandy trails on a hot day, the breathability will be a lifesaver. No one wants to get tired halfway through their hike because their shoes are too heavy, and these shoes are the perfect solution.

Excellent Traction

There are many different types of trails all with varying terrains. Because of this, all hiking shoes need to have a good amount of grip with high-quality traction. The Moab Hiking Shoe comes equipped with a Vibram outsole to keep users on the right path. The rubber is made to grip onto almost any surface making the hiker safe throughout their journey.


Perhaps the most interesting feature I found with these shoes is the fact that they include a waterproof membrane. The waterproof material is sewn right into the shoe and is able to keep feet dry while remaining breathable. Merrell uses their own select dry technology that has been highly dependable and effective. Because of this, hikers no longer have to worry about stepping in puddles or shallow streams which mean soggy socks and wrinkled toes can become a thing of the past.

Safe and Supportive

The Moab Hiking Shoes are constructed to get through a tough hike while keeping feet secure. The extra padding around the ankle makes the shoes comfortable while the Ortholite footbed will provide added support. There is even a rubberized toe cap for extra safety. Accidentally ramming the front of the foot into hard surfaces no longer has to end with bruised or broken toes. With these effective additions to the shoes, feet can still feel good at the end of the day leaving hikers much happier.


  • Vibram outsole for grip and traction
  • Mesh/ leather upper for breathability
  • Select Dry waterproofing to keep feet dry
  • Ortholite footbed (removable) for comfort
  • Rubber toe cap to protect toes
  • Cushioned ankle support
  • Elastic shoelaces designed for flexibility


  • Waterproof membrane will keep feet dry
  • Rubber toe cap will add protection
  • Lug patterns provide extra stability
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Leather upper adds to durability


  • Waterproof membrane adds an extra layer which may make feet hot
  • Elastic laces come untied easily
  • Lightweight design not ideal for longer or rougher hiking
  • Sizes run on the smaller side
  • Should be broken in before hiking


  • Q: How effective is the waterproofing?
  • A: The waterproof membrane will keep all moisture out as long as the waterline does not go over the top of the shoe.
  • Q: Are the insoles removable?
  • A: Yes the insoles are removable and orthotics can be added.
  • Q: Is the traction reliable through the rain?
  • A: Yes, the rubber is designed to hold up even on wet surfaces.

Final Verdict

The Merrell Moab Waterproof women's Hiking Shoe is a great shoe for anyone who enjoys light hikes or day hiking. For anyone who goes on week long excursions that include a high level of climbing and extra rough terrain, a more substantial boot may be the way to go. This hiking shoe is perfect to keep feet secure and comfortable without weighing them down. The waterproofing is effective and beneficial for those who like to keep their feet dry. Overall this is a well-constructed shoe that includes high-quality materials. Any avid hiker should own a pair for when they want a quick getaway out on the trails.

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