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Managing a two piece travel system where one needs to carry a travel system and a hard to fold stroller for their child is not an easy task. Parents get exhausted by doing this. Therefore, they need a stroller which can be easily fitted in their car. Baby strollers with a car seat is a stroller that can be used as an infant car seat and after that with a little push it transited into a compact baby stroller. It is a cheap baby strollers with car seat.

There are many strollers like this in the market and it is really hard to say which the best one is. Different car seats have different system and size; therefore any specific stroller can’t be said that it is the best lightweight stroller in this category. Whether, we have selected one which is the finest strollers among the cheap baby strollers with car seat and that is Disney Amble Quad Travel System. Like our other reviews, in this article you will get a complete review about this product including all it’s great features, pros, cons and the final words.

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Features of Disney Amble Quad Travel System

  • Canopy

This is an amazing feature of this expedition stroller. The baby trend expedition jogger cheap baby strollers with car seat contains a big canopy that helps your baby to be in a comfortable position even in hot sun. This canopy is actually in a huge size and it almost covers the full body making sure that the baby is under shade.

  • Great Folding System

The Disney Amble Quad Travel System includes a one hand folding system which makes it really easy for you to fold it in any place and to take it wherever you want to take. It has been designed in such a way so you can easily feet it into your car and at the same time it will save space in your car.

  • Good Tires

We won’t say that the tires of the Disney Amble Quad Travel System stroller are great, but obviously standard types. All the tires are air-filled that make it easier for you to move the stroller form one place to another. The front wheel lock feature in the tire system is a very good feature of the product. The tire system is designed for the travel loving parents so they can easily move the stroller while traveling. Moreover, you will find a good rear braking system available in the stroller.

  • Easy to Push

The workmanship of this stroller is really amazing. It is very easy to push the stroller in every place, unless you are in a very rough road. While walking even in running you don’t need to give extra attention to push the stroller.

Additional features of Disney Amble Quad Travel System

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are some more other quality features present in this stroller, which are:

  • Gives your child great comfort.
  • The seats are easily washable.
  • Huge storage basket at the back.
  • Tires are easily removable.
  • 5 point harness which gives your child safety.

FAQ about Disney Amble Quad Travel System

Now there are many questions that many of you will have in your mind before purchasing the stroller. So here are the most common frequently asked questions about this stroller.

  • Does the car seat work for the newborn babies?

No. Unfortunately, the car seat of this stroller does not work for the newborn babies. Therefore, it means that if you have children of 6 months or older only then go for this stroller.

  • Does it come with the base of the car?
    The car seat adapter all is included in a set. You don’t need to worry for the base of the car.
  • Is the stroller height adjustable while pushing the stroller?

No.  The stroller’s height is not adjustable, which may create problems for some parents.

The Pros

  • Cheap price with many good features.
  • Great look, designed very fashionably.
  • It is a best lightweight stroller, only 21.8 pounds.
  • Super comfortable seat and easy to move.

The Cons

  • The removable basket of this stroller in not that much good quality.
  • Sometimes the tires get flat if you ride it on uneven spaces.
  • The tires make noises.

Important Information

Minimum Weight Recommended: 5 Pounds

Maximum Weight Recommended: 50 Pounds

Product Weight: 34.6 Pounds


Cheap Baby Strollers With Car Seat Verdict To Buy

If you really want to go with a cheap priced product but with great features then we will surely recommend you this stroller. You will find a good stroller than this but then it will cost you higher. The Disney Amble Quad Travel System stroller is ideal for parents who love to travel a lot and want a car seat stroller in a cheap price. Click Here To Buy It On Amazon


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