Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Reviews

Are you a parent with twins and in need of a good double stroller preferably a jogger? Then this review will surely help you a lot. In this review, we have selected the top baby trend navigator double jogging stroller that will surely meet your need and demands.  Here we have reviewed the Baby Trend Navigator Jogger, Vanguard which is now the hot product of the current market.  This is a remarkable product with great features and greatly favored by most of the parents. 

Whether this stroller is a heavy one but this is a great option for parents who have twin babies.  Like every time, we will start our review with the features of this best stroller, then the pros and cons, extra features and lastly the final words.

Features of the baby trend navigator double jogging stroller

So, down below we have presented the best features of this stroller that will help you to make your purchase decision.

Folding system

As this is a double stroller it may sound that the folding system won’t be that much easy. However, in reality this double jogging stroller is really easy to fold.  The folding system is easy because it only contain lock clips that you need to use to do the folding part, which made this stroller very convenient. Even if you want to fold the hood of the stroller then you won’t find any problem. The metal frame e of the hood can be easily folded inside the hood.  Keeping this stroller inside your car when it’s folded is also not a problem, as it will take a very little space in your car. In one word, you don’t need to effort a lot to fold it and to pack this stroller up.

Safety Mechanism

You will discover various good things about baby trend double jogging stroller when it comes to the safety mechanism of the stroller. First of all, the tire of this stroller has a lock system that makes the stroller static if you are in a halting position. If you are in an inclined area, there is no chance that the stroller will lose its lock and move away. Once it’s locked after that, you can fully depend on this.  Next, the material, fabrics used in this stroller is also very safe and comfortable for your babies. The frame of the stroller is protected with a soft fabric which will protect your children from any possible head clash. The other inside contents of this stroller is also made from high quality cotton material, like the pads and bedding which ensure a safe ride of your babies.

Lots of Storage

While you have twin babies you have so many things to carry for your babies. Therefore, in double strollers it is the most important thing that the stroller has a good storage. One of the best features of the Baby Trend Navigator Jogger, Vanguard is that it has a lot of storage system where you can easily take both of your babies stuffs like toys, diaper, towels, bags, snacks, bottles and etc. this is the one thing that you will surely love about this stroller and which hard to find in the other double jogging strollers.


The baby trend navigator double jogging stroller, Vanguard has an adjustable handlebar which is suitable for any type of parents. This stroller will give you nine different positions of the handlebar which a great feature of this stroller. This option gives you exact height of every situation. Moreover, the handle of the stroller is also adjustable. The handle is totally rubberized which make it slip resistant and comfortable to use.

Additional features

This stroller comes with lots of extra benefits that parents of a twin babies will surely love.  Firstly, the Baby Trend Navigator Jogger, Vanguard contains a huge room for your children in which they can grow. Secondly, this stroller never feels lopsided. If you have two babies with different weights then you won’t feel any problem to push this stroller. Lastly, the seats are adjustable and can be used for naps or while changing the diaper. You just need to lose the straps behind the seat and your babies can easily lay back and relax.



  • The best thing about this stroller is the space and storage. It gives you a lot of space and storage that is very much needed for a double stroller.
  • Price of the Navigator is very much affordable compared to the other double strollers.

  • There is no hand break included in this stroller.
  • The wheels sometimes go very flat and made the ride shaky.

  • This stroller weights 40lbs which is heavier than many other double strollers.

Baby Trend Navigator Double​ Jogging Stroller Verdict To Buy

In short, this stroller does not have many cons. The biggest problem is its weight but if that is not your problem and you can easily skip this part then this is the baby trend double jogging stroller that we will recommend you. Purchase it on Amazon

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