Schwinn Arrow Single Jogger Reviews 2020

Are you looking for a stroller for jogging? For you, we have selected the most trending jogging strollers of the current market. It depends on you whether you will use these strollers as the main ride of your children or only at jogging. Jogging strollers are usually heavier than the normal umbrella strollers. Before you go for any top jogging stroller consult with your baby’s pediatrician, to know at what age you can start running with your baby. 

This is very important to know. Usually you can go for your jogging when the baby is around 6-8 months old. In this category of strollers, this Schwinn Arrow Single Single Jogger is very dependable with great features and quality. In this review, you will get to know about the features of this stroller, the pros and the cons of the product and finally the last words.

Features of the schwinn turismo swivel single jogger


The very first thing that every parent will look into in a stroller is the safety features of the stroller. The Schwinn Arrow Single has a 5 point harness which gives your child a very secure, adjustable but comfortable fit. The handlebar of the stroller is made of rubber that will give you a very comfortable grip. Moreover, the handlebar can be raised or lowered to the right level, so you can easily fit the height of tall. This stroller is designed with individual rear pedals that will assist the stroller to be in a secure position and will stop from rolling away from you.


This jogging stroller has a pretty good suspension with 16″ rear tires and shocks over the rear tires. The best part is that, you can lock or unlock the release lever of the front swivel wheel. You can release the wheel without having to bend over, just under the handlebar near the canopy. So this means the stroller is really convenient.


While jogging the comfort features of the baby are very important. The seat of the Schwinn Arrow Single Single Jogger is made of soft lambskin which is really soft and gentle to the sensitive skin of your baby. The seat is padded very generously that makes your child very comfortable while you are jogging, running or simply strolling. The seating position is adjustable to multiple positions, so you can recline to different positions easily to suit your baby. This trending jogging stroller has a great canopy that provides your child a protective shield from wind, drizzles and harmful UV rays. This canopy is also adjustable, so you can retracted it into 5 different positions for provide the best cover to your child. Through the window you can keep an eye on your baby while using the canopy.

Great Storage

You won’t have any storage problem with this stroller. This jogging stroller has a great storage basket which is easily removable underneath the jogger. In this big storage one can easily keep his baby’s stuff. There is also a child tray which holds two cups or bottles. The tray is in a position which is easily reachable to the babies, so that they can reach out to their drinks at any time. It means that you don’t need to stop your jogging.

Folding and Carrying

The folding part of this stroller is an easy task. Just grab the two red finger tabs in front of the handler and give it a little push on the right one and it will collapse very easily. You will find a swing bracket to hold it while it is closed. So the carrying part is also very cool.

Extra benefits

Apart from these great features there are some more benefits associated with this stroller which are:

  • The stroller is manufactured from aluminum so; basically it is very light in weight.
  • When folded you can easily fit it in your car. By purchasing a car seat adapter separately you can use this stroller as a car seat also.
  • The fabric of the strollers is polyester water replicate, so it’s really easy to clean the stroller.


  • A great stroller with huge number of features in a reasonable price.
  • Lightweight, locking wheel, great storage.


Although this stroller has many great features, it has some minor problems also. The negative things about this stroller are given below:

  • Lack of pocket at the back of the seat.
  • The front wheel is wobbly when it is locked.
  • Does not include any hand brakes which are available in many other jogging strollers.

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Verdict To Buy

Considering the huge number of features and the price we will definitely recommend you to buy this. This stroller may lack two or three features that other jogging strollers have; still this will be a great choice. With this stroller, you will be re-assured that your baby is safe and secure when you are out of jogging. This stroller is fashionable, safe, durable and built with great quality. Check more about best lighweight stroller